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Who are you?

I prefer to go with internet alias xms and ive had also past net alias but when refering me, use xms. My other information can't be found however unless you search hard. I'm not a youtube channel who plays CS:GO and a fan of it, so you might visited the wrong place.

Anyways i'm a artist and i can either draw physically or digitally, i prefer making artworks physically. I am unfortunately an internet and gaming addict and i'm trying my best efforts to dump this. I made this place to share my artworks and internet clowns i've witnessed.

What are my activites outside internet and drawing? Fitness, writing... And this is all.

I do not engage in internet trends so don't expect me to say #BlackLivesMatter or some shit trending.

For further information, check further information...

You might be asking why this website looks so shit? Because i only place essestenials and little ricing in this place so you won't face "Allow cookies or die", advertisement banners and highly bloated features. I will refuse further requests regarding styling.

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